Big Taxi: Crime Detective Fiction

Do you love your car? Of course you do, and you know why.

Wilton doesn’t love your car because he’s a musher. But he’s also a private detective. He finds out that we are about to blow the biggest opportunity we have for revolutionising personal transport since the invention of the motor car.

Why are we throwing away the chance for no car tax, no insurance and an end to maintenance bills? You could have all this, with personalised transport to your door whenever you want it.

Now just imagine all those reclaimed streets, completely empty of parked cars. Wilton needs to find out who is against it and how they are wrecking the solution.

When he finds them, can he stop them? Will he stop them?

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(Though this is a detective thriller, crime detective fiction, the opportunity it describes is real and we really are about to throw it away. Perhaps there is more to learn from detective books than we might have thought?)

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