Three Different Challenges for You

This is a book for you if you like thrillers but you're reticent. I often find the violence in thrillers distasteful, but here it was controlled and even humorous."

Andy D.

Interesting take on the theme of reincarnation especially using such a notorious and well documented figure as Hitler. A very ambitious topic for this new writer but one he/she? manages to tackle without leaving you lost in historical references."

"The novel ran on several levels and has you guessing the outcome to the end. The character of Phil Marlowe has depth being both rounded and humourous. His journey to find whether he is indeed Hitler reincarnate flows well along side the story of Morvan Lubbock and his subsequent interrogation. If you are interested in this era of history there is plenty for you in this novel but it reads well even if you are not up on the historical references. I can see Phil Marlowe appearing in future works from this author."

This review has been copied from Amazon, where the book originally appeared under my pen name,  Jo Hawk. I guess  ' Jelly Beans' is someone's pen name too!

J. Beans

Young children like to use their intelligence too. In my children's books I respect that. The books in the Mouldy Series  aim to amuse adults as well."

Robert Blanchett

Robert Blanchett

My books are based on careful research. This is me hard at work. I was in Deià, thinking about the theory of everything. I've finally solved it, the problem that has been bugging physicists: how to link the very small to our big body world.

The answer will be revealed in my next novel, tentatively called "Agatha, a Quantum of Love." Agatha Christie, in Tenerife, will solve the biggest puzzle of all.