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Life is often puzzling and frustrating for children: you try to explain yourself to an adult and they act as if you are talking nonsense and they have no time to sort out what you are saying. Or you try to learn and understand something new and you are told off just for getting it wrong.

In this new children’s book, Ant tries very hard to explain something important that happened at school and finds that he is sidetracked or that he is treated as the mad one. Then, when he tries to learn a musical instrument, he gets more frustration. Will he manage to learn to play it?

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Children's book: Rotten, Mouldy, Music.

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Children's Book, Rotten, Mouldy, Music".

Esmie said: “Thank you for the book you wrote for me and Samson. Mama read it to me in bed and it was very funny. Love Esmie.”